Tell your family you want to be an Organ Donor!

Did you know that signing your donor card alone does not guarantee a donation?

My Name is Ron and I am cycling across Canada, from coast to coast, to make sure people know how crucial it is that your family knows that you want to be an organ and tissue donor.

Your family will be asked for final consent to donate. If they are unclear about your wishes your organs may not be given to someone in need, even if you have signed your donor card and registered with your provincial registry. You are never too old or too sick to potentially give someone the gift of life. 

I am one of the most fortunate people alive. In 2006 My Dad generously and unselfishly gave me one of his own kidneys. I woke up feeling better than I had in years. It worked that fast. Because of Dad's gift, and the hard work of my transplant team, I am healthy, full of energy and lead a normal productive life. There are thousands of people in Canada in need of an organ.

I will be talking to people to dispel common myths about donation and transplant. By cycling across the country I hope to show that the people who receive organs are capable of doing almost anything thanks to the generous and unselfish gift given to them.  I also want to start a collection of stories about the people who receive organs - how it has changed their lives and how they are giving back – as well as the people who gave their organs. 

I very strongly believe that organ recipients have a duty to fulfil after receiving their new organ. They should be compelled to make long loving relationships with their friends and family, to be active in their community and continually strive to be better citizens. Making the most out of this new life that has been unselfishly given is the best way to give thanks and the greatest way to honour the donors, whoever may be.

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